“Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into our wedding ceremony!
We are thrilled with how well everything has come together.
Your guidance has been fantastic!
Thank you”
– Erika and Chad

“Gosh can I say again thank you for the amazing job you did at our ceremony. You had me and some others in tears it was so special. I’ll never forget it. We’re having a wonderful honeymoon and its sunny today again on the island!”

“Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding and marriage happen. The ceremony was beautifully written and we had so much fun saying our vows – no stress! 🙂 You made the process of applying for all the documents so straightforward and the love for what you do really spilled over into our day and made it so much more” magical” and “special”!
-Paul and Esther

“Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!As you saw everyone enjoyed and loved the ceremony. It was so special and I’ll remember those words forever that we said to each other. The vows as you saw,  brought tears to my eyes and others. Your such a wonderful  and kind lady with so much insight of what couples need”!
-Holly and Philip

“Thank you so much for all the work you put in to make our vows so special. Your professionalism and love for what you do added the perfect touch to our day. We wouldn’t be married without you 🙂
Thanks again,”
-Kirsten and Jeff

Wedding: Thank you so much for performing our marriage ceremony! A moment we will never forget. You had made it so relaxing and comfortable and touched our lives with all the greatness we could ever imagine. You truly have a gift and it comes from your heart.   I couldn’t help but smile at how humorous you made our ceremony. It truly was amazing!. Thanks for everything,
-Kailei and Chris

Memorial: Thank you Marilyn for your thoughtful and loving way you conducted my Sister Sandra’s Celebration of Life. Your support made a very sad time memorable. Many people commented to  me afterwards how much they enjoyed the service. I would highly recommend your service as a Funeral Celebrant to others…Audrey J..

Memorial:  Thank you so very much Marilyn for your help and the amazing tribute you paid to my Mother at the memorial celebration. She came alive with every word you spoke. Your warmth and compassion was felt all through the service as many friends and family commented on. With gratitude and appreciation for making a sad event memorable …. Janette and Dave 

Destination Wedding: Thank you so much for legally marrying us in BC and for coming with us to Mexico to perform our destination wedding on the ocean shore in Ackumul. Ryan and I loved the words of the beautiful wedding ceremony you wrote and then to be presented with a keepsake copy. We understand the wedding coordinator looked for you after the ceremony to express in all her years she has never heard such a lovely and such a professionally written  wedding ceremony. Katy and Ryan

Wedding: Thank you for officiating our wedding -twice and rolling with the bumps in the road! It was no nice to meet you and you really added joy and a special something to our day. All the best, Addie and Greg

Memorial: Marilyn , you presented a beautiful service with heart and appropriate humour. Your summary and reflection of my Mother’s life allowed me to truly appreciate who my Mom was and the courage she had.It was a comfort during the loss. You met all the mourners and made them all to feel comfortable and welcomed. Everyone I spoke with commented on the warmth of the service. Chris, White Rock 

Memorial:After experiencing personal losses, funerals or celebrations of life are the least event I would like to attend including a burial. On March 16th and in support of a close friend who just lost his Mother, I attended a Celebration of Life given in her honor.You spoke of her history and the experiences that made her who she was in life. You spoke as a caring human being and made the ceremony so personal it touched the hearts of all who were in attendance.Although most of the guests invited were family members, I began to feel a part of their community. Later we went to the burial which I swore I would not attend. However, I followed along with the rest. It was a beautiful moment as everyone gathered in a circle and you asked them to say one word to describe who she was to them.  We walked away to allow the funeral director to make sure the burial was complete.Thank you, Linda, Abbotsford