Rose Ceremony   Hand Fasting   Planting a Tree   Circle of Love

Sand Ceremony   Candle Ceremony   Wishing Stones

Rose Ceremony

After the ring and vows are exchanged, the papers are signed and before the couple are presented to their guests, the couple present each other with a gift of a single red rose. As the couple recess down the aisle, the Moms are presented with the red rose. It is a gift of gratitude and love. The words the couple speak are from their hearts.

Example: Celebrant: “Marriage is the coming together of two lives”. “As you embrace each other in love you also embrace the families that have been brought together on this special day and in this special moment”. ” Please gift the rose to one another”. ” As you leave this ceremonial space as Husband and Wife, please gift the rose of appreciation and gratitude to your (Mother in Law, Mother or other close family member”.


The color of the ribbons are the couple’s choice. However , using a red ribbon symbolizes the bloodline that has brought the two together.

An ancient ritual of the Celtic marriage contract that has been modernized for today’s ceremonies. Usually the hand-fastening is performed once the rings and wedding vows have been exchanged and just before the couple is  presented to their guests as a Marriage Couple.

Planting a Tree

The tree planting is symbolic of setting down new roots as a married couple. Needed: a small  sapling or herb, a  pot, soil,  two small shovels and water. The couple place the sapling into the pot and together cover it with soil and water. The sapling can then be transferred to their garden as a memento of their special day. A ceremony is written to suit. This ceremony can also be used for the blending of families.

Circle of Love

When a couple marry, they may have children from a previous relationship. It important to help children feel important, a part of the day and a member of the new family. Before the couple are presented to the guests, the children gather in a circle with the couple. The ceremony begins. Often, the children are presented with gifts such as s a necklace or ring for the girls and/or a watch or ring for the boys. The couple say a few words to each child in turn and present them with the gift. An example of words that maybe spoken, “Welcome to our family”. “I give you this gift as a token of my love, my support and my promise to be there whenever you need me… now and forever”.

Sand Ceremony

Three vessels are used along with various colors of sand.   If it is just the couple, two colors. The first one starts to pour the sand and the next follows until all the sand is gone. “As the sands mingle together this ceremony is symbolic of two lives merging together as one.” The vessel is later sealed and kept as a memento of the day.   Parents of the couple, loved ones  or children can be included.

Candle Ceremony

There are three candles set out. Before the ceremony begins, the Moms or other loved ones light two candles. The unity candle ceremony is usually performed after the signing and before the couple are presented to their guests. They each take one of the lite candles and together they light the one candle.

Wishing Stones

There is a variety of ways of performing this ceremony. As the guests arrive they are given a stone to hold through the ceremony. Later, messages to the couple are  written on the stones or just placed without a message into a suitable keepsake vessel or container.

If the ceremony is near water, the guests may toss the stones in to the water. The rippling effect caused from the stones symbolizes change and new beginnings.