In God’s presence, loved ones and friends, we gather to experience the union of Carl and Kathleen in marriage. In this moment, it also gives us the opportunity to open our hearts to the possibility of love or to reaffirm our love.

Your presence here to today, reassures Carl and Kathleen of your support and love for their union today and for all the  years to come.

Marriage is spiritual, emotional and physical. It is an intimate, intricate life time dance of strengths and emotions…nothing matters more than the balance you find between you. For this balance will give you all the love, all the confidence and all the happiness you could ask for in a lifetime.

When two soulmates meet, the Universe celebrates and the magic of the heart call begins. Carl and Kathleen heard the call the night they met in an Irish pub. Carl was tired and just about to leave when he noticed a lovey young woman standing at the bar. Asking about her, he learned she was a student from Ireland. Carl mustered up the courage to walk over. His opening line, “I have kissed the Blarney Stone!” Kathleen, turning and tossing her long black hair, “And that makes you full of the gab!”

Kathleen remarked, “It was Carl’s curly red hair that made me heart take a beat.” Carl remarked, “It was Kathleen’s lovely  laughing green eyes that stole my heart.” From the moment they met, their love story began and has brought them to this moment in time……