John loved the outdoors. His favorite activities were boating, fishing and gardening. His boat was his “baby” as he so named it, “Baby Girl”. John’s passion was on the ocean sharing time with family and/or friends as they fished… always hoping for the big one!

(The Celebration of Life took place on John’s boat.)

The grandchildren, Ericka and David, will now toss their fishing line into the water (symbolism) as Mandy, John’s sister, reads John’s favorite poem: I Must go Down to the Sea Againby John Masefield.

Reading: The epistle to the Hebrew says,  “Which hope we have as the anchor of our soul”.

When John dropped anchor he came alive to the rhyme of the earth and to the mysteries of the depth of the waters. John loved the horizon and the skies as to him they “symbolized” the love he had for his family… without beginning or end. He loved the setting of the evening sun and as he would say, “it brought a closure to one day and at daybreak, the beginning of a new tomorrow”.

You are invited back to John’s home for a luncheon , to mingle and to enjoy the rest of the day reminiscing (John’s favorite music plays as the guests depart). As you disembark, please take a handful of rose petals (symbolism) picked from John’s garden. Toss them into the water as you say your personal goodbyes to John.