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Infusion Weddings/ Two Cultures 

Two people from different walks in life, different religions or different cultures meet and simply fall in love. On their wedding day, they are joined in marriage with a modernized wedding ceremony bringing all their beliefs, rituals and traditions into an infusion personal and meaningful ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony

When two soul mates meet their hearts are opened as the universe celebrates. Every adventure, every experience and every step you have shared along the way, is your love story. A well-thought-out and well-written wedding ceremony I co-designed with you, is your personal love story that is the heart of your ceremony.

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On your wedding day, I am the voice of your story.  As we move through the ceremony, and your lives begin to merge together in marriage, those present will understand your desire to marry and will also experience the deeper sense of commitment you share. Once pronounced and then introduced to your guests as a married couple….your new status and phase in life will begin.  

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Destination Weddings 

Affirmation of Wedding Vows

On your wedding day, you exchanged wedding vows and promises for a lifetime. Now with a more mature love in your hearts, you are reaffirming the vows and promises you said to each other so long ago. 

“Hand in hand… heart to heart, I once again commit my life to you as your best friend and loving partner till the end of time.”

“The person you see standing before you today is because… (the rest is your love story).

Commitment Ceremony

For personal reasons, you may not be able to marry.  A Commitment Ceremony is similar but without the legal documents.

The couple exchange vows and promises for the marrying of their minds, hearts, and souls in a commitment of love.

Memorial Service

We are born, we live and we die. Knowing this does not take away from the pain of losing a loved one. There is a void in our lives. Simple things such as a photo, a scent, a word or a song can bring back the memory of the loved one who has died. It is often been said she or he did not want a service. A Celebration of Life or a Memorial Service is for those who are left to grieve, to find some acceptance or closure. By doing so, this begins the journey of grief with its roller-coaster of emotions that come and go. The deeper the love the deeper the grief. 

As Certified Life-Cycle Funeral Celebrant, I write the story of the loved one and incorporate it into the narrative of the script and the eulogy. There is a hope by doing so it will bring some comfort to those who are grieving.  To those who are present to give their support, the life story provides an understanding of what and who the person was in life and why they will be missed. 

I  meet with you in your home and welcome family members or close friends to be present.

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The price for a Memorial Service is $400.00. Taxes and mileage not included

Excerpts from a Celebration of Life