From the edge of the Pacific Ocean to the tops of mountains, officiating and performing  Wedding Ceremonies.  

This couple in the video chose to be married on top of Mt Robie Reed. The Groom had just finished his training as a helicopter pilot with BC Helicopters. He flew the wedding party up to the top of the mountain on December 24th, 2014. Together with their witnesses and daughter, they were pronounced husband and wife.

On another beautiful sunny day, with another couple, we once again flew by helicopter to a mountain peak that overlooked Wigden Lake and the Falls. The couple stood inside a  rock formation that felt like a Roman Coliseum. They chose to add a  symbolical ancient ritual of hand-fasting.  Surrounded by the very nature that they loved,  I pronounced them Husband and Wife.  We celebrated their union and the joy of their expected first child due in a few months.

As professional mountain climbers, they recognized symbolism everywhere. The rocks symbolize a solid foundation of strength. The rushing waterfall symbolized a continuous flow of change and flexibility. Small hoof prints led to a  pond of water, symbolizing a path to a new life. As they touched the water, it rippled and could not be touched in the same place twice. So it will be in their lives, changes with every new experience shared.

As husband and wife, they climbed a short way up the mountain cliff. Two silhouettes sat in silence, gazing out in the same direction. A new path in life as Husband and Wife and soon to be Parents.