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Funeral , Memorial, End-Of-Life Ceremonies:  A “good” end-of-life ceremony contains all the necessary elements that completely and accurately pay reverence to the life and times of the person or persons who have passed away. Adding elements such as prayers, psalms, readings , music, videos and/or re-imagined rituals, we create a ceremony that transitions us through the service from beginning to end, and always with respect for the religion, the beliefs, and the traditions of the deceased. An end-of-life ceremony is for the living to remember, to reflect, and to celebrate the gifts, the talents, the personality, and yes even the quirks that made the person who they were in life.

The first step is I meet with the client in a quiet location of their choosing, with family members and some cases, close friends. During this time, I gather all the pertinent and necessary information that creates a “good “ceremony that places the eulogy at the heart of the narrative.

The script is 100% approved by the client. A keepsake copy is presented

“Why do people call it a End-of-Life Celebration”? “What is there to Celebrate?” Simply, we grieve the physical loss of the person, however we gather to celebrate their Spirit and their personality by telling their life story with compassion and empathy. The ceremony can be as simply as gathering around a kitchen table with loved ones and friends to renting a space or to gathering in a favorite park, or on a beach or the top of a mountain.

A rite of passage completed